What You Should Know When Shopping For Shoes Online

shopping for shoesPonder this scenario: You can’t sleep for two nights (that’s how long it takes for your purchased item to get delivered) because you’re waiting for your new pair of shoes you bought on sale from your favorite online store. Then, the doorbell rings and at your doorstep stands the delivery man holding the shoes you so longed to lay you feet on. But then it’s too late when you realize that the shoes you’re holding do not resemble the shoes you paid for online. All the waiting was for nothing.

So how do you make sure that you get the shoes that you shopped for? Here are the top three tips to a successful online shoe hunting.

  1. Always remember the golden rule in shopping that “If it’s too good to be true, then it must not be true (and it definitely must not be good at all). Most online stores do their best to lure their customers into thinking that what they’re getting is the best deal they could ever hope for. It’s a dexterity shared by almost all shopping networks. Before you start buying things online (shoes, in particular), ask yourself what those items are worth. Surely, a pair of Prada shoes sold online for only five dollars should sound absurd and suspicious. No person in his sound mind would ever offer to bargain something valuable unless it has defects that only the stores know about. As an online shopper (or a shopper in general), you ought to be vigilant when you come across mark-down items.


  1. Read testimonials and customer’s comments about the products. Experience is always the best teacher. Those who have had first-hand experience are possibly the best source of information on the reliability of what the online store offers. Satisfied and happy online shoppers who recently bought nice pairs of shoes for a reasonable price are likely to post their testimonials and positive feedbacks in the comments and suggestions box reserved for the purpose. In all likelihood, disappointed customers are more likely to air their sentiments not only to keep people like you from making the same mistake but also as payback especially to those stores who do not offer money-back guarantee. Shoes with negative feedbacks are too risky to buy.


  1. Beware of counterfeits. In an era where counterfeiting has become a legitimate business for some, it has also caused headaches to many. A few online stores put on sale counterfeit and second-rate items online. In the US, selling counterfeit items is a crime already made punishable by the Anti-Counterfeiting Agreement (ACTA). But only few counterfeiters heed to this agreement. When it comes to shoes, there is this silent rule against this crime. Counterfeit shoes are not only agonizingly uncomfortable to wear; they are also an insult to the shoe industry.

Like everything else, online shopping has a good and bad side to it. The advantages of online shopping is that for busy people whose time is of the essence, they have no choice but to do their shopping online. The disadvantage is, you won’t have a face-to-face encounter with the products until it is delivered to you. In which case, the chances for you to get disappointed are greater than when you do actual shopping in an actual store. To actually try on a pair of shoes before buying them is more rewarding than just looking them up on some online stores. Nothing beats first-hand experience they say.