The Right Chair for Your Room

Have you ever wondered why it is important to pick the right chair for your room? Not only will your chair say a lot about you, it will also make or break the overall appearance of the place. If you have a certain theme and you would like to follow it, how are you going to do that? Do remember that mixing and matching can be effective too. What matters is that you will make them complement each other.

Admittedly, searching for just one design can be complicated especially if you do not have a specific theme yet. If you would like chairs that are unique with classic designs, here are some chairs you can check out for your room:

  1. Ghost Chair – At this point, you may be wondering why the ghost chair was named the ghost chair. The reason for this is simple – it is transparent. The Ghost Chair is originally created by Kartell but now, there are various designs that look similar to it. The original Ghost Chair looks regal yet playful at the same time. Since it is transparent, it blends into the whole room yet you can be sure that it will also stand out especially when someone’s sitting on it.
  2. Panton Chair – The Panton chair stood out in the 60’s because it was one of the first chairs that was made out of pure plastic. It shows that a chair made out of plastic can look fun and contemporary and it does not have to be broken down into pieces and set up again if in case it would need to be brought from one place to another. The first variation of this chair was made with rigid polyurethane foam. Its design which is very modern is a hit especially to people who are looking for items with a twist.
  3. Wassily Chair – The concept then was to play with tubular steel and make it effective. The Wassily Chair shows that it is very fun and different. It seems similar to a bike frame yet it still looks like a classic that can withstand the test of time.

Any of these chairs are chairs that you should have in your room. They will make you feel comfortable and will bring to life the theme that you have in mind.

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